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About us

Esch Conveyor Components located in Waalwijk is a manufacturer of conveyor rollers, drums, and motor rollers as well as a supplier of Asahi bearings and bearing blocks. The team of professional, enthusiastic employees with more than 65 years of experience and a hi-tech production facility aim to: Provide you with the perfect roller!

Let me take you through the ECC experience.

Once your request has been submitted, the sales team will start working on your requirements. If a standard roller from the product range is suitable, it is immediately compiled with the aid of the product configurator and converted into an offer that you can use quickly. If you have more specific needs and require customised rollers, we will be happy to spend extra time on them. In addition to providing technical advice, we discuss various solutions with you. Putting end products on demand, converting forecasts into supply plans, and joining forces to find solutions.

Once a suitable solution has been found, the logistics team takes over. Your purchase order, demand planning, or any other requirement is carefully converted into production orders. Work planners, schedulers, and buyers jointly strive for the timely start of the required production.

Once production is released, the production team, guided by Shop Floor Control, knows exactly which parts to make and when in order to meet the confirmed delivery time. However, quality always remains a guiding principle. The production team strives for continuous improvement, keeps its processes lean, and is always in control.

We see our website as a tool to help you find an optimal solution to your problem. Whether you operate in package sorting, e-commerce, bulk transport, agricultural and horticultural logistics, baggage handling, food industry, or any other form of internal logistics, we are happy to work towards a solution with you.

It’s no coincidence that our motto is: “Always on the move!”


  • 2021
    Introduction of new corporate identity and Esch Conveyor Components as the new name.
  • 2015
    Second generation at the helm. Merging branches at new production location of over 9000 m2 in Waalwijk.
  • 2010
    Establishment of the Esch Group. Merger of Stas, Conveyor Components, and HTEC.
  • 2006
    Start of cnc production of sprockets, turning, and milling parts with the establishment of HTEC.
  • 1996
    ASAHI-Japan is a European dealer of bearings and bearing blocks. European stock of ASAHI housed at Stas, thus guaranteeing fast delivery. Stas starts supplying conveyor rollers with DIN standard from stock.
  • 1988
    Conveyor Components starts up the production of conveyor rollers in addition to the trading branch and develops this into a core business.
  • 1986
    Conveyor Components, a supplier of conveyor rollers, drive and reversing drums, and motor rollers, is founded.
  • 1954
    Establishment of Stas, a manufacturer of conveyor rollers, drive and reversing drums. Supplier of bearings and belt-related products.
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